Look, Miss Sakura,
Tom's based
at Kaneohe Naval Air Station.

Send for him, please.
You have to tell him this.
You have to tell him.

Damn itching is driving me crazy!
All those medics can do is
smear this God-awful paste on it.

When they get the nerve to come near.
- I know I'm a bad patient.

But a skin disease! Of all the stupid,
useless things to get laid up with!

It's driving me nuts. I can't even
think! - We don't have much time.

Fletcher's docking the Yorktown now,
and I've got hard decisions to make.

Recommend your replacement.
- Ray Spruance.

I know he's junior
to a lot of other flag officers,

and never served a day on a carrier.
But Chet, he knows carrier tactics.

Well, you asked for my recommendation.
I can just picture
Washington's reaction

if I hand over the Hornet and
the Enterprise to a cruiser skipper.

Especially with the static I'm getting
for expecting the Japanese at Midway.

You told me once, Chet:
""When you're in command, command.""