How's the boy doing?.
- Just fine.

He's a good pilot. Got him in an F4F.
He'll be shipping out any day.

Coming from you that means a lot.
No. He's good man, a natural pilot,
good attitude, good marksman.

Tom's only deficiency
would be in enemy identification.

He's got to learn, you don't win a war
by kissing the enemy.

For Christ's sake... - Well, he told
the whole God-damned squadron.

I met her. She seems like a nice girl.
- So is Madame Butterfly.

She's having trouble with him.
- Now you're having trouble seeing.

I've got to shove off.
Scuttlebutt says you're going out
on the Yorktown. - That's right.

Well, keep your dumb ass
out of drafts. - That's right, buddy.

Thanks for keeping an eye on my boy.
I appreciate it.

He'll be fine, Matt.
Tom! - Nice of you
to take the time to see me off, Dad.

But your squadron isn't due to ship
for a week. Why are you boarding?.

Are you saying you're surprised, Sir?.
Your buddy Jessop transferred me.

I didn't know anything about it!
- Like hell you didn't!

You wanted me shipped out,
to stop me from doing anything stupid!

So your old buddy Jessop obliged.
- Tom, I knew nothing about it!

I have to report on board, Sir.