He'll be fine, Matt.
Tom! - Nice of you
to take the time to see me off, Dad.

But your squadron isn't due to ship
for a week. Why are you boarding?.

Are you saying you're surprised, Sir?.
Your buddy Jessop transferred me.

I didn't know anything about it!
- Like hell you didn't!

You wanted me shipped out,
to stop me from doing anything stupid!

So your old buddy Jessop obliged.
- Tom, I knew nothing about it!

I have to report on board, Sir.
OK, Sir.
Captain Garth is here, Sir.
- Great. Come in, Matt. How are you?.

I'm gonna do something I don't do,
at least not since Annapolis.

I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor.
- Ask away! Lord knows I owe you some.

This is an FBl enemy alien report.
- Where did you get this?.

Don't ask.
Matt, I could find out.
- Don't, Harry.

The report contains all the bureau
has on... - A Japanese?.

On an American citizen
named Haruko Sakura und her parents.

They look OK to me,
but I'm not in your business.

It sounds like you are.