OK, Sir.
Captain Garth is here, Sir.
- Great. Come in, Matt. How are you?.

I'm gonna do something I don't do,
at least not since Annapolis.

I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor.
- Ask away! Lord knows I owe you some.

This is an FBl enemy alien report.
- Where did you get this?.

Don't ask.
Matt, I could find out.
- Don't, Harry.

The report contains all the bureau
has on... - A Japanese?.

On an American citizen
named Haruko Sakura und her parents.

They look OK to me,
but I'm not in your business.

It sounds like you are.
Harry, I want you
to investigate this personally.

They'll be sent
to the mainland next week.

If they're clean,
and I'm betting they are,

I want that shipment cancelled.
Matt, you're way out of line here!
This isn't your department!

This is tampering!
Alright, what have we got?.
What are these people to you?.
the girl may be my daughter-in-law.

You're pressuring me to take
improper action for personal reasons.

Improper action, hell!
They're no more
a threat to national security

than your pet Airedale.
I'll have to report your request.
It'll go into your record.

It's not for me.