You know I wouldn't ask you
for myself. I'm asking you for my kid.

Jesus Christ, Harry!
I'm begging you!
Alright, I'll investigate it.
Thanks, Harry.
And, Captain,
this'll wash it with us.
We're even.
- Aye-aye, Sir.

Thank you, Corporal.
Reporting as ordered, Sir.
Sorry to send the Marines after you,
but you didn't answer my messages.

We had nothing to talk about, Captain.
You can cut out that midshipman-crap,
you're talking to your old man.

I'll try to remember it.
I'd like to set the record straight:
Before we left Pearl,

I personally vouched
for Haruko and her parents,

and went way out on a limb for them.
I didn't know
what weight it would carry,

but you know, there it is.
One more thing:
I didn't ask your C.O.
to ship you out.

You spoke to him, didn't you?.
- Yes, I did.

He asked me how I felt about...
- Haruko and me, right?.

If you couldn't do anything about it,
why couldn't you leave it alone?.

Jessop thought
he was doing us both a favor.