I did all I could,
and a lot more than I should've.

You're paid to fly fighter planes,
not to sit in your cabin
and cry over your girl's picture.

You better shape up, Tiger, before
a hot-shot Jap pilot flames your ass!

Just received this message, Sir.
Operation K, the reconnaissance flight
to Pearl Harbor, has been cancelled.

Cancelled?. Why?.
Our scout planes couldn't refuel.
An enemy vessel was there.

Sir, Admiral Nagumo's carrier force
should be warned immediately.

Admiral Nagumo must have picked up
the transmission when we did.

Suppose he didn't.
He will assume the American carriers
are at Pearl Harbor.

And that is where our latest
intelligence reports place them.

What latest intelligence reports?.
Have any of our submarines sighted
the US fleet in the last 20 hours?.

No, Sir. But there's no logical reason
for them to move their carriers.

We must not break radio silence and
risk letting them know our location.

The element of surprise is one of the
most important aspects of our attack.

Admiral, this is our search plan.
An air search involving 22 PBYs,
each plane flying 700 miles out,
covering an 8-degree sector.

We'll have a 180-degree view
at anything coming from the west,

and still have a flanking area
northeast of Midway for our carriers.