Apollo, why did you agree
to fight a man who has
no chance of winning?

American history proves
that everybody's
got a chance to win.

Didn't you ever hear
of Bunker Hill?

Apollo, is it coincidence that
you're fighting a white man?

Is it a coincidence
that he's fighting a black man?

Apollo, how do you feel
about your challenger?

Come here, Rock. My main man.
- Rocky, ain't you ltalian?
- Yeah, I'm ltalian.

If he can't fight,
I bet he can cook.

His lungs, punch out.
Rocky, how do you expect
to fight Apollo Creed?

Creed's the best.
I'll do the best I can.

Rocky, just between us,
where did you get
the name ltalian Stallion?

I invented that eight years ago
when I was eating dinner.

Rocky, your pay-day
will be $1 50,000.

Any comment?
You got no comment,
Rocky, right?

- No.
- No comment. Thank you.

I want to say "Hi"
to my girlfriend.

Yo, Adrian. It's me, Rocky.
Do you believe all this?
- Thank you, Rocky.
- Quit pushing, man!

He's making you out a fool.
I'd break his lips.

Don't bother me.
I guess you'll be looking
for people to help you out.

- Help what?
- Keep you living a clean life.

I do OK, you know.
You need someone
to help with the exercise

or stand by with a towel.
Who cared about me
yesterday?. Nobody.