St. Ives

He said he'd call tonight at 9:00
with instructions.

I'll be there.
Do you always live like this?
- In cheap hotels?
- Yeah.

By choice?
Why else would anybody live
in a cheap hotel?

- You don't like me, do you?
- I don't like your questions.

As for you...
:18:25're tough, smart...
...and you've got a lot of great-looking
bits and pieces.

I wondered when you'd notice.
It's a little early for me to notice.
Mornings are for getting over the nights.
You should come around in the afternoon.
- Well...
- See you at 9:00.

Are you throwing me out?
No man in his right mind
would throw you out.

It's just that afternoons are better.
- Afternoons are perfect.
- I'll remember that.

Hey, Ray, what do you say?
- Hesh.
- How about a little corned beef today?

Sounds good to me, but no fat.
Give mine to Angie.

Boykins got his ticket punched last night.
- Yeah, that's right.
- You was there.

- You got busted.
- Come on over and sit down.