Cross of Iron

Some papers to sign, Captain
I'll sign them later
Stop that!
Be careful with my JJ

Yes, sir
Have her treated correctly
Sergeant Steiner reporting
as ordered, sir

Come in
Thank you, that will
be all gentlemen

Welcome back, Sergeant Steiner
Thank you, sir

Please sit down
Make yourself comfortable

Now that you're back
and I'm glad you're back

I think we should make a
fresh start together

but the main point is the
regiment feels or believes that

I deserve the Iron Cross now
And they've asked me to produce
two witnesses to the fact that

I led the counterattack and threw
the Russians out of their positions

I have named Lieutenant
Triebig and you

especially you
Lieutenant Triebig has already
submitted signature

You'd like to believe this is a
private conversation

That would occur to
you wouldn't it?

Alright, have some
wine a 37 Moselle

I'll have some
Thank you, Sergeant