Cross of Iron

I deserve the Iron Cross now
And they've asked me to produce
two witnesses to the fact that

I led the counterattack and threw
the Russians out of their positions

I have named Lieutenant
Triebig and you

especially you
Lieutenant Triebig has already
submitted signature

You'd like to believe this is a
private conversation

That would occur to
you wouldn't it?

Alright, have some
wine a 37 Moselle

I'll have some
Thank you, Sergeant
But still remember that in civilian
as well as in military life

the distinction is made
between people

Is that what you meant
when you said all you are

and may become is dependent
upon this present company?

Well, the difference is
a matter of ethical

and intellectual superiority
which is caused whether

you like it or not by blood
and by class difference

If I remember correctly
Kant was a son of a saddle maker

and Schubert's father was
a poor schoolmaster

Perhaps talent, sensitivity
and character are no longer

privileges of the
so called upper class