Czlowiek z marmuru

You should've said so right away!
It's all right, please
help yourself.

You don't look like you've been
overeating lately.

Go right ahead, it's all for you.
Which do you prefer?!?!

I've never had either of them.
Well then, now you will!
You're like me, you sniff
more than you drink.

Hart, kidneys, or liver?!?!
A bit of everything.
- Cigarette?
- I don't smoke anymore.

That's good, healthier.
What do you plan to do?
- That depends.
- On what?!?!

Different things.
- Going back to laying bricks?
- I'd like to, but I can't.

Well then?
I'll find something.
There are lots of building trades.

You and construction!
Why don't you stay here?
- No, we're leaving.
- Too bad.

Leaving's easy, but here she earns
three times what a bricklayer does.

We'll make it somehow.
Listen to me, prior to October,
I was an important executive.

Sure you can leave if you want to.
But why?!?!