Slap Shot

Well, by the time pneumonia set in,
you'd be sound asleep.

Well, see you around.
You know, he's... he's been so kind to me.
He comes in every day.

(woman) He really doesn't wanna rush
yourprogress right now.

I think I'll invite him
out to the summerhouse tonight,

so that we can talk about you more.
(man) I wish I could
put my arms around you.

(woman) When you get out
ofthisjacket, you can.

- Hi, guys.
- Hi, Coach.

(woman) I sold your car.
- My 260Z?
- Yes.

But that was my car.
Alex, don't you remember?.
When you had the amnesia,
you gave me power ofattorney.

I'd forgotten.
- That cunt is no good.
- Nice talk.

I've boxed up everything.
She do that to make him crazy
so he don't know what he doing.

Cynthia Pierce is having
an affair with Carl Barton.

- She's lyin' to him.
- Oh, Alex. Alex.

You mustn't be weak.
I don't believe this. I don't friggin'
believe this! Hey, you guys, listen.

"Chiefs Sought
By Florida Retirement Community."

- Oh, come on, Dave.
- No, Johnny, it's right here.

Hey, JG, Jimmy, come over here.
Listen to this.

"Unidentified but reliable sources
have informed the Times Herald

that a St Petersburg, Florida
retirement community is negotiating

with the Charlestown Hockey Corporation
for the purchase of the Chiefs."

It's right there, Reg. Look at that. Yeah!
Dickie Dunn wrote this.
It's gotta be true. Fantastic!

- Florida.
- What sucker would buy the Chiefs?

Jealous there, big guy?
Your mother shoulda bought you skates!
ยง Cut off my balls, I'll be skating in Florida