Good morning. It's 6 a.m.
on a beautiful morning in Boston.

These are the top stories:
Mayor White's assistant has met
with the Redevelopment Authority...

...over the controversy
on the Town Heights project.

Saugus: Police have arrested
contractor James McManus...

...on $ 23 million grant
and bribery charges...

:00:29 connection with the Mystic
River extension. Hyannis Port....

Mrs. Levine is day five

She remains afebrile and her previous
anorexia is gone, draining well.

An AP chest film is clear.
Her white count is nine-four.

BUN has stabilized at 40.2,
good output of 1 600cc's.

-Blood cultures?
-No growth times two.

Well, Harris can't nail us on this one.
Next case.
-lt was a long time ago.
-And is he good?

Yeah, he can really break it up!
Billy's weird.
He gets so tired.
Do you like this lipstick?
She was terrific.
lt's 32 now and going fast.
He can't afford to get out.
l got a thousand shares of that.
We have to have the AP, lateral and
1 0 units done before they can begin.

lt says here, type and cross-match
was done yesterday.

Just standard workup procedure.
Well, l don't know.
So it was a clear case of endocarditis.
We're ready when you are,
Dr. Wheeler.

No response to antibiotics.
Cut her, okay?
-Begin to tie off.

It's all politics.
Today, for instance...