Well, Harris can't nail us on this one.
Next case.
-lt was a long time ago.
-And is he good?

Yeah, he can really break it up!
Billy's weird.
He gets so tired.
Do you like this lipstick?
She was terrific.
lt's 32 now and going fast.
He can't afford to get out.
l got a thousand shares of that.
We have to have the AP, lateral and
1 0 units done before they can begin.

lt says here, type and cross-match
was done yesterday.

Just standard workup procedure.
Well, l don't know.
So it was a clear case of endocarditis.
We're ready when you are,
Dr. Wheeler.

No response to antibiotics.
Cut her, okay?
-Begin to tie off.

It's all politics.
Today, for instance...

...Rudnick says to me, ''l hear you're
the new chief resident in surgery.''

-That's great!
-He was testing me.

Then he says that Harris told him...
...that Mark Bellows was going to be
the next chief resident.

-Wonderful, Mark.
-But here's the thing.

He waited for me to say l knew
about it. That wouldn't look right.

That would look as if l expected it.
So l said l hadn't heard anything.

You've wanted it for two years.
But there's no point
in saying that, is there?

l said...
...l thought it'd be wonderful
if it happened.

l said Chandler was doing
an excellent job as chief resident.

But l said there was a little room
left for improvement.

Chandler's damn good.
l really laid it on thick
with old Rudnick.

l told him l was following his hepatic
research, cited some references.

He was impressed.
Procedure went well too.
So all in all, it was a good day.
l'm gonna take a shower.
Can you grab me a beer before dinner?