...Rudnick says to me, ''l hear you're
the new chief resident in surgery.''

-That's great!
-He was testing me.

Then he says that Harris told him...
...that Mark Bellows was going to be
the next chief resident.

-Wonderful, Mark.
-But here's the thing.

He waited for me to say l knew
about it. That wouldn't look right.

That would look as if l expected it.
So l said l hadn't heard anything.

You've wanted it for two years.
But there's no point
in saying that, is there?

l said...
...l thought it'd be wonderful
if it happened.

l said Chandler was doing
an excellent job as chief resident.

But l said there was a little room
left for improvement.

Chandler's damn good.
l really laid it on thick
with old Rudnick.

l told him l was following his hepatic
research, cited some references.

He was impressed.
Procedure went well too.
So all in all, it was a good day.
l'm gonna take a shower.
Can you grab me a beer before dinner?

Hey, Mark.
Get your own beer.
-Honey, for chrissakes, come on.
-l want to take a shower.

-l was on call last night.
-So was l.

l know, but l had two arrests...
...aortic aneurysm blew at 4 a.m.,
had to be done stat.

So l didn't get any sleep, and
l'd really like to take a shower.

lf you don't mind.
l had a hard day too.
You get in the shower faster
than any person alive.

Have a beer.
You'll feel better.

l know what'd make me feel better.
Goddamn doctors.
Couldn't have fallen
in love with a nurse.

Dorothy on the eighth floor.
She liked me.
My own apartment.
Did you hear about Louis?
What about Louis?
They passed him up
as assistant professor.