Hey, Mark.
Get your own beer.
-Honey, for chrissakes, come on.
-l want to take a shower.

-l was on call last night.
-So was l.

l know, but l had two arrests...
...aortic aneurysm blew at 4 a.m.,
had to be done stat.

So l didn't get any sleep, and
l'd really like to take a shower.

lf you don't mind.
l had a hard day too.
You get in the shower faster
than any person alive.

Have a beer.
You'll feel better.

l know what'd make me feel better.
Goddamn doctors.
Couldn't have fallen
in love with a nurse.

Dorothy on the eighth floor.
She liked me.
My own apartment.
Did you hear about Louis?
What about Louis?
They passed him up
as assistant professor.

Guy's really paid his dues too.
Now they don't take him.

Plus his son is waiting
for a kidney transplant.

Did you start dinner?
Did you start dinner?
-Did you hear anything l said?
-lt's in the fridge. Just heat it up.

-l was telling you about my day.
-l had a hard day too.

Just go heat it up.
Why is it, whenever we're about
to fight, you're always undressed?

What's the big deal?
Just heat up the stew.

-Why won't you help out?
-ls that the way you see it?

l make my concessions.
You always take a shower first.

l don't.
You do too,
and l'm getting tired of it.

Honey, come on.
Don't call me honey.
l'm trying to tell you about my day.
Something that happened.

Your days are always the same.
What is that supposed to mean?
Just politics, that's all.
Who said what to whom.
Who's rising, who's falling.

Who's made a good move, a bad move.