Damien: Omen II

...so why don't you tell us
why you've come, Marion?

I own 27 per cent of Thorn Industries,
left to me by your father.

And I have every right to dispose of my share
in any way that I see fit.

- We know that.
- You also know that...

...at the moment,
I've left everything to you, Richard.

But unless you do what I ask...
Marion, don't threaten me.
Because, as far as I'm concerned...

You can't be unconcerned
about a sum that is close to $100 million!

I shouldn't be here...
You're here, Dr Warren,
because you're curator of the Thorn Museum.

And I also own 27 per cent of that!
Marion, say what you've got to say.
If it's unpleasant, let's get it over with.

I want you
to take the boys out of the academy.

I want you
to send them to separate schools.

I don't care what you want,
where the boys are concerned.

- They're not your sons, they're ours.
- Neither boy is yours.

May I remind you that
Mark is Richard's son by his first wife.

- And Damien is his brother's son.
- Thank you.

- Thank you very much(!)
- Ann. Ann... Ann, please.

Marion, just what the hell is this about?
Get Mark away from Damien.
They don't belong together!

- Damien's a terrible influence, can't you see?
- What?

That's it. As far as I'm concerned,
our conversation is over.

- And I suggest that...
- Richard, you're blind. Purposely blind!

- You know your brother tried to kill Damien.
- Get out!

- Richard, make her get out!
- Why did he try to kill him? Tell the truth!

- Marion, he was ill!
- You don't have to explain anything to her!

If you don't separate them,
I'll leave everything I own to charity!

I don't care what you do with the money!
Richard, please! Listen to me!
You know what I'm saying is true.

I may be old, but I'm not insane.
Your brother tried to kill Damien.
- Get out! Will you tell her to go?
- I'm going.

I'm sorry, Charles. I apologise for her.
She's old and she's not well.