Damien: Omen II

Lavender, you fool! All old ladies
douse themselves in it. I don't know why.

- Now, boys. Just because she's getting on...
- On our nerves!

Now, come on. Murray's right.
Let's hear it for Aunt Marion.

(both) Hooray(!)
Murray, give us a cigarette.
- You know the answer to that one.
- You don't ask, you never know.

- Have you met your new platoon leader?
- Neff?

Neff for "neffer mind".
They're all the same. When you've met
one platoon leader, you've met them all.

Attention! Eyes front! Chest out! Stomach in!
You know something? You're crazy!
- Yeah, cos I've practised.
- God!

- Would you like some cream, Aunt Marion?
- You've asked me that six times.

I'm sorry, I forgot.
You haven't forgotten. You just don't care.
Marion, let's don't get into
that argument again.

- No cream.
- No cream!

Charles is going to
show us some slides after dinner...

...so why don't you tell us
why you've come, Marion?

I own 27 per cent of Thorn Industries,
left to me by your father.

And I have every right to dispose of my share
in any way that I see fit.

- We know that.
- You also know that...

...at the moment,
I've left everything to you, Richard.

But unless you do what I ask...
Marion, don't threaten me.
Because, as far as I'm concerned...

You can't be unconcerned
about a sum that is close to $100 million!

I shouldn't be here...
You're here, Dr Warren,
because you're curator of the Thorn Museum.

And I also own 27 per cent of that!
Marion, say what you've got to say.
If it's unpleasant, let's get it over with.

I want you
to take the boys out of the academy.

I want you
to send them to separate schools.

I don't care what you want,
where the boys are concerned.

- They're not your sons, they're ours.
- Neither boy is yours.

May I remind you that
Mark is Richard's son by his first wife.