Damien: Omen II

- You should have come to my room to talk.
- I'm sorry, Aunt Marion.

I know, you've been so busy,
running after that cousin of yours.

You mustn't let him
drag you around the way he does.

He doesn't drag me around. I like him.
Give me a hug.
You be careful.
Yes, Aunt Marion. Goodbye.
Just a second! (giggles)
Goodbye, Dad.
Did you forget me? Are you sure?
Here, sweetheart, take some biscuits.
Have a good week.

- She's too much, Aunt Marion.
- She's awful! Why did they invite her?

So she could wag her finger,
generally ruin our weekend.

At least we don't have to have dinner
with her. God! And what's that smell?

Lavender, you fool! All old ladies
douse themselves in it. I don't know why.

- Now, boys. Just because she's getting on...
- On our nerves!

Now, come on. Murray's right.
Let's hear it for Aunt Marion.

(both) Hooray(!)
Murray, give us a cigarette.
- You know the answer to that one.
- You don't ask, you never know.

- Have you met your new platoon leader?
- Neff?

Neff for "neffer mind".
They're all the same. When you've met
one platoon leader, you've met them all.

Attention! Eyes front! Chest out! Stomach in!
You know something? You're crazy!
- Yeah, cos I've practised.
- God!

- Would you like some cream, Aunt Marion?
- You've asked me that six times.

I'm sorry, I forgot.
You haven't forgotten. You just don't care.
Marion, let's don't get into
that argument again.

- No cream.
- No cream!

Charles is going to
show us some slides after dinner...