Damien: Omen II

...gives us the jump
on any corporate entity in the world.

If we control their land,
we make them tenants.

- Bill... we make their bellies full.
- I have to agree with Paul.

I'll be right back.
Marion died in her sleep last night -
a coronary.

- I'm sorry.
- I've got to go. I'll talk to you later, Bill.

- Paul, how about breakfast in the morning?
- Certainly.

- Have they moved in to the apartment yet?
- Today.

Winter is here again.
That's Damien's father right there in the back.
My old man played on that team, too.
That's him.

He was on the line,
but Robert Thorn was quarterback.

Even back then he was calling all the plays.
- You're next, Damien.
- Hey, Teddy.

Don't ever talk about my father again.
Do you understand?

Can't you take ajoke?
- What was that all about?
- Your cousin really thinks he's somebody.

My old man tells me
the Thorns make their own hats...

...because they don't sell 'em
large enough for their big heads!

You're gonna regret that, Thorn.
"Mathematics, good.
Science, very good. Military history, fair."

- "Room for improvement."
- Yes, Sergeant.

Physical training is excellent.
I hear you're quite a football player.

Be proud of your accomplishments.
Pride's OK when there's a reason to be proud.

Yes, Sergeant.
I'm here to teach you,
but also I'm here to help you.

Any problems, you come to me.
Don't be afraid. Day or night.
Any advice. You understand?

- Whatever you say, Sergeant.
- We're gonna get to know each other.

I see you're an orphan.
That's something we have in common.
Send Foster in.