Damien: Omen II

I've come down on Bill Atherton's side.
It might be premature
to embark on such a radical programme.

I wouldn't wanna risk diffusing it
before it's time.

- We'll keep it on ice?
- Good.

Richard... if you think I've gone too far...
...if Bill's antagonism towards me is going
to continue, maybe I should step down.

Forget it. Your time will come.
- Looks like it might rain, Murray.
- Could be, sir.

- Let's go.
- Mr Thorn!

I'm sorry to shout -
I didn't want to miss you.

My name is Joan Hart.
I believe Charles Warren told you about me.

- He did.
- I must talk to you.

- Well, I asked him to...
- It's freezing. Couldn't we sit in your car?

- Well...
- I know you don't talk to reporters...

- I'm going to the airport.
- Two minutes.

- Well...
- Please?

- I can't miss my plane. Now, if...
- I'll come to the airport with you.

All right, get in.
All right, Miss Hart. Our time is short,
so what would you like to know?

Did you ever meet
the archaeologist Carl Bugenhagen?

- No. I heard of him.
- He was also an exorcist. Did you know that?

His skeleton was found last week
on your dig at Hazor, close to Yigael's Wall.

Seven years after his disappearance.
A journalistic assumption. The skeleton
has not been verified as that of Bugenhagen.

Oh, but it has! I've just come from there.
Your brother met him. Did you know that?
Where did you get that information?