Damien: Omen II

- Well...
- I know you don't talk to reporters...

- I'm going to the airport.
- Two minutes.

- Well...
- Please?

- I can't miss my plane. Now, if...
- I'll come to the airport with you.

All right, get in.
All right, Miss Hart. Our time is short,
so what would you like to know?

Did you ever meet
the archaeologist Carl Bugenhagen?

- No. I heard of him.
- He was also an exorcist. Did you know that?

His skeleton was found last week
on your dig at Hazor, close to Yigael's Wall.

Seven years after his disappearance.
A journalistic assumption. The skeleton
has not been verified as that of Bugenhagen.

Oh, but it has! I've just come from there.
Your brother met him. Did you know that?
Where did you get that information?
A photographer that I used to work with
went with your brother. He died there.

- He was decapitated.
- Murray, stop the car.

Your brother went to see Bugenhagen.
A few days later, Bugenhagen disappeared!

- Get out!
- Do you know why he went to see him?

Don't make me throw you out, Miss Hart.
You must listen to me.
I've been working on the story for years now!

I think I've pieced it together.
I never believed in
the prophecies of the Bible before.

But now... you are in grave danger!
- Don't try to contact me again!
- Put your strength in Christ!

Only he can protect you.
Oh, please, please! You must listen to me!
Oh, please, please! You must listen to me!
Bugenhagen warned your brother!
Oh, God...
And just last week
we finally uncovered Yigael's Wall.

- Who is Yigael?
- Incredible person. Very mysterious.

We're not really sure. He was a monk, he was
an exorcist. He lived about the 13th century.