Damien: Omen II

- Morning, Byron.
- You're on the newsstands this morning!

Oh, you must've seen it already.
I think it's neat.

- Have you heard from Pasarian?
- No. He seems to have disappeared.

- Richard wants to see you.
- He's back from his vacation?

- Yeah, he looks great, too.
- He needed it.

What the hell is Pasarian doing in India?
I needed a second opinion
on our proposed land purchases there.

We're not buying already?
You agreed I could activate
the conclusions in my report in full.

That doesn't exclude me from making policy
decisions as far as the company's concerned!

- You were on holiday.
- You could have reached me by phone!

Bill Atherton wouldn't have
made those decisions!

- I'm not Bill Atherton.
- I don't expect you to be.

But I do expect you
to observe the rules of company conduct!

I'll remember.
What did you want with Pasarian?
There's something wrong with the design
of his P-84 unit. Walker's agitated.

I know he's the voice of doom and disaster,
but this time he has a point.

Leave it to me, Richard.
By this time, Napoleon thought
he was invincible...

...and this is where he made his big mistake.
When he attacked, the Russians
skilfully retreated into their own country.

They lured him on,
and he reached Moscow to find it in ruins.

(boy laughs)
Who laughed?
I did, sir.
Come here.
With that piece of paper.