Damien: Omen II

Richard... I'm leaving soon.
Well, Paul, your time came
sooner than we expected.

You're going to be alone
as the new president for a while...

...because Ann and I
are going to take a vacation.

Don't worry, Richard.
I think we've covered everything.

Thanks for staying around
the last few days.

I appreciate it.
- Morning, Byron.
- You're on the newsstands this morning!

Oh, you must've seen it already.
I think it's neat.

- Have you heard from Pasarian?
- No. He seems to have disappeared.

- Richard wants to see you.
- He's back from his vacation?

- Yeah, he looks great, too.
- He needed it.

What the hell is Pasarian doing in India?
I needed a second opinion
on our proposed land purchases there.

We're not buying already?
You agreed I could activate
the conclusions in my report in full.

That doesn't exclude me from making policy
decisions as far as the company's concerned!

- You were on holiday.
- You could have reached me by phone!

Bill Atherton wouldn't have
made those decisions!

- I'm not Bill Atherton.
- I don't expect you to be.

But I do expect you
to observe the rules of company conduct!