La Cage aux folles

What a disaster!
Smells good.
Feeling better?
He'll come visit.
He'll come with that girl.
By the way, we'll have
to fix up his bedroom.

We'll get a double bed...
Well, we'll have grandchildren.
Oh, Renato, look at me.
I can just see you.
You, a grandfather...
pushing the carriage...
with all your pendants.

-Shall I beat the eggs?
-No, please.

I'm the boss
in the kitchen.

The kitchen's your kingdom?
Yes. Yours is the stage,
mine is here.

So be it.
I leave you to your concoctions.

Don't stop!
Mr. Charrier isn't here.
No, he won't be back!

It's been ringing all morning.
And your father's vanished.
I have something to tell you.
It's about Laurent's parents.
Don't worry.
We'll discuss it
with your father.

That's just what I don't want.
You'll be surprised.
What are you doing there?
Didn't you see
those vultures out there?

I had to use a ladder.