Revenge of the Pink Panther

Chief Inspector Clouseau's residence.
One moment, please.
For you.
What on earth is going on?
Excuse me, madame and messieurs.
I beg your pardon.
I am so sorry.

It's still for you.
Chief Inspector.
Pardon me.
I am needed on the phone.

This is Chief Inspector Clouseau
speaking on the phone.

Listen to me carefully.
If you want to catch
the French Connection...

meet me tonight at 11:00...
in the Bois de Bologne
near the Grande Cascade.

And come alone.
That's so obvious,
he's bound to think it's a trap.

Yes, or it's so obvious that he's bound
to think it can't be a trap.

It's so obvious,
it's bound to be a trap.

That is why you will never be
a great detective.

It's so obvious,
it could not possibly be a trap.

Now, Cato, warm up the Silver Hornet.