Revenge of the Pink Panther

- Bonsoir, Vic.
- How you doing, Simone?

Mr. Toledo, Mr. Vancouver.
What's happening?
You can show us to my usual table.
How about something near the floor?
Easier for dancing.

No, thank you.
I want my usual table.

Is something wrong?
It is Mr. Douvier's table,
ain't it, love?

No, it really ain't, love, but if
you're worried about Mr. Douvier...

why don't you give him a call?
I wouldn't want you to get in trouble
with your boss.

- He ain't my boss.
- He ain't?

Then why you paying him
all that money every month?

- That ain't cool, baby.
- You ain't seen nothing yet. Come on.

Which way do we go in?
We don't want to be obvious. We've got
to make our entrance through the back...

in disguise,
as I told you, you fool.