Don Giovanni

- Suppose she recognizes me?
- She won't if you don't want her to.

Quiet, she's coming. Be careful.
Here I am.
- We'll see what happens.
- What a mess!

Can I believe that my tears have
won his heart?

That my beloved Don Giovanni
has repented

and has returned to his duty
and to my love?

Yes, my lovely.
Cruel one! If you knew how many tears
and how many sighs you cost me.

- Truly, my dear?
- You.

Poor girl. I'm so sorry.
- You won't run away from me anymore?
- No, my dear little moper.

- Will you always be mine?
- Always.

My darling.
My darling!
I'm enjoying this.
My treasure!
My Venus!
I'm all on fire for you.
I am all ashes.
The rascal is warming up.
And you won't deceive me?
No, certainly.
Swear to me.
I swear by this hand
which I kiss in ecstasy,

inspired by those beautiful eyes.
You're dead!
Oh, heavens!
While fortune is with me, let us see.
Those are the windows.
Now we shall sing.
Come to the window