Escape from Alcatraz

- What's the movie this weekend?
- Some cowboy piece of shit.

Hey, at least they could
show us a gangster movie.

l may have found a way out of here.
You looking at something?
This cell block's really getting old.
The moist air corrodes the concrete.
The salt is rusting the metal.

l took a nail clipper, and dug around
the grille at the back of the cell.

l can dig that grille out,
and enlarge the hole
into the utility corridor

to the top of the cell block
and maybe onto the roof.

How will we hide the hole?
We tear the ads from magazines...
no one will miss those...

make cardboard, paint grilles
on that, and put it in the hole,

maybe partially obscure it
with a towel or whatever.

l've ordered an accordion
to put in front of my hole.

Suppose we make it. They'll know
we're gone at the next count.

We'll leave at night,
so they won't know till the morning.

We'll have to make some dummy heads,
make them out of plaster
or cardboard or whatever.

Put them in the bunks,
the guards won't know.

You work in the barbershop.
You get the hair.

How do we cross the bay?
That's your job.
You work in the clothing shop.

You're gonna steal some raincoats
and some contact cement.

We'll make a life raft
and some life preservers.

l read how to do it
in Popular Mechanics.

They'll think we're going to Frisco.
Well, we won't.
We'll go to Angel lsland instead.