Soon as the church service begins...
the ushers all go over
to Big Boy' s for coffee.

I' ll get it.
So when someone like old Mrs. Van Dyke
in a wheelchair needs help...

there' s no one there to help her.
She' s right. You never find those guys
when you need them.

Aren' t you glad
you came for Sunday dinner now?

- It' s for you, Jake.
- Thank you.

I hope I never get old
and have to be in a wheelchair...

and have to depend on the ushers
to help me out of church.

You' d never let that happen to your mother,
would you, Harold Jay?

Yes, all right. Thank you.
What is it, Jake?
That was Mrs. Steensma
calling from California.

Kristen' s disappeared.
- What happened?
- They don' t know.

They were on some sort of recreation deal
at Knot' s Berry farm.

When they came back to the bus,
Kristen was gone and they couldn' t find her.

- They called the police?
- Yeah.

- Is Marsha there?
- Yeah, she' s all right. She' s upset.

I' ve got to fly out there today.
They want me to bring some pictures.
I' ll go with you.
I' ll check the airline schedules.

Just let me pack some things.