Kristen' s disappeared.
- What happened?
- They don' t know.

They were on some sort of recreation deal
at Knot' s Berry farm.

When they came back to the bus,
Kristen was gone and they couldn' t find her.

- They called the police?
- Yeah.

- Is Marsha there?
- Yeah, she' s all right. She' s upset.

I' ve got to fly out there today.
They want me to bring some pictures.
I' ll go with you.
I' ll check the airline schedules.

Just let me pack some things.
There' s a ride called
the Great White Knuckler, a roller coaster.

The last time I saw Kristen,
she was standing there.

Why was she alone?
Was she alone?
I told the policeman.
They had met an older boy earlier.
Mr. VanDorn, turns out
that the boy your daughter was talking to...

didn' t work at the park.
We' ve interviewed everybody there
and nobody there had ever seen him before.

But if she has...
At the present,
there' s no indication of any violence.

Le s hope she' s just a runaway.
There' s something very wrong here.
Kristen isn' t the type of person
to just up and leave.

I said, let' s hope she' s a runaway.
If she' s a runaway,
then at least she knows where she is.

That' s better than a lot of these kids.
Some of them won' t show up for years
and some won' t show up at all.

These are the realities.
What are you doing?
I' ve got two officers assigned to the case.
They' re going to follow up every lead.

We' re going to give it our best shot.
What can we do?