- Where is she?
- I don' t know.

- Where did you get that film?
- I bought it in a store in L.A. I got to keep it.

- Who made it?
- I don' t know.

- What do you mean?
- Wait a minute. Slow down.

A film like this, 8mm film,
it costs $200 or $300 to make.

Sold outright in a store.
Shown in peep machines.

It' s impossible to track down.
Nobody makes it. Nobody shows it.
Nobody sees it.

It' s like it doesn' t even exist.
What' s it called?
It was called Slave of Love when I bought it.
Next time it' s sold,
it' ll be called something else.

- But the police.
- The police?

You know more than the police do.
You think she' s all right?
Yeah, probably.
You like this, don' t you?
You liked showing me this.

I hate it. But you got to know, buddy...
there' s a lot of strange things
happening in this world.

Things you don' t know about
in Grand Rapids.

Things you don' t want to know about.
Doors that shouldn' t be opened.

Look, I' ll find her.
But I can' t make any promises.
I don' t know what she' ll be like
when I find her.

And when I find her,
you may not even want her back.