You like this, don' t you?
You liked showing me this.

I hate it. But you got to know, buddy...
there' s a lot of strange things
happening in this world.

Things you don' t know about
in Grand Rapids.

Things you don' t want to know about.
Doors that shouldn' t be opened.

Look, I' ll find her.
But I can' t make any promises.
I don' t know what she' ll be like
when I find her.

And when I find her,
you may not even want her back.

Actors, to your positions, please.
Come on, Niki, put your wig back on.
Let' s get it on.
Yeah, get it together, kids.
Can' t you get this bed any warmer?
My ass is freezing.

He' s got it up.
- It' s about time. The kid' s got a big schlong.
- A great talent.

Action! Move it, let' s go.
The wallpaper, it' s peeling.
- Never mind. Keep shooting.
- We' re rolling.

Come on. Keep it up, keep it going.
All right. Niki, throw your legs
around his shoulders.

Bennie, swing around this way
and lick her belly.

Maybe we should use a strobe light.
So it looks like
they' re doing more than they are.

For what we' re paying them,
they' ll do whatever we want.

Quick, get some spunk.
Niki, come on, sweetheart.
Now you' re lying back.
You' re feeling real good.