Love at First Bite

How many times do I have to tell you,
body temperature.

Yes, master.
Lots of ladies in the altogether
for you to drool over.

Where is my fashion magazine?
Whatever master wants, master gets.
There she is.
Cindy Sondheim.
I tell you, Renfield...
every time I see her, I am more sure it's her.
The only woman I have ever loved.
Please, master...
that's the same thing you said
about the Countess de Montespan in 1672.

That was sex, Renfield...
this is love.
This one has a soul...
a very old soul.
A soul I have known before.
I bit her once in Warsaw,
in thirteen hundred and...

Thirteen hundred and...
- Renfield!
- 56, master.

Yes, 1356, Warsaw, I bit her once.
I met her again in England
in nineteen hundred...

- 31.
- 31!

Two bites that time...
I knew her as Mina Harker.
But I lost her in that damn London fog.
I'll never forget it, master.
That was the time
Dr. Van Helsing nearly got you.

If it hadn't been for that cigarette case
I gave you for your 650th birthday...

he would have driven that stake
right through your heart.

He would have driven that stake
right through your heart.

So what do you want from me, a medal?
Sorry, master.
Cindy and I are going down
to the cellar to take a little nap.

- Master, please be careful!
- What is it?