Moskva slezam ne verit

Rozhdestvensky. You've heard
of him, haven't you?

He's fabulously talented.
A young rebel.

There're too many rebels now.
They criticize the older generation.

They want to know why we kept
silent for so long.

I wonder what they would have
done in our place.

We would have spoken up.
Seryozha, you haven't touched
your wine.

- I'm not allowed.
- Poor health?

No. The coach won't allow me to.
Cause I'm in training.

You are Gourin, aren't you?
Yes, Gourin.
I thought you looked familiar.
I used to broadcast the games
you played.

We should be honored to be
at the same table as Gourin.

Don't be so modest. I read what
the Swedish press wrote about you.

- You play for Moscow now?
- That's right.

I think we should all drink a toast
to the great hockey player Gourin.

Just one glass toasting yourself.
No. Thank you for your kind words,
but really I'm in training,
and I don't like the stuff anyway.

- Have you been long at the TV?
- Two years now.

- It must be very interesting!
- Yes, very.

Someday television
will change our lives.

We'll never go to the movies,
and theatre and literature will die.

We'll only be interested in

Don't you think you're getting
carried away?

Theatre, I agree, isn't going to last
long, but really, movies, books...

Just wait twenty years and you'll