Moskva slezam ne verit

- You play for Moscow now?
- That's right.

I think we should all drink a toast
to the great hockey player Gourin.

Just one glass toasting yourself.
No. Thank you for your kind words,
but really I'm in training,
and I don't like the stuff anyway.

- Have you been long at the TV?
- Two years now.

- It must be very interesting!
- Yes, very.

Someday television
will change our lives.

We'll never go to the movies,
and theatre and literature will die.

We'll only be interested in

Don't you think you're getting
carried away?

Theatre, I agree, isn't going to last
long, but really, movies, books...

Just wait twenty years and you'll

Well, in twenty years everything
will be completely changed.

It isn't all that much, twenty years.
In twenty years I'll be old.
Believe me, at forty you'll think
that your life just begins.
At forty? You're joking!
If God really created us all,
he should be generous

and give us at least a thimbleful
of hope.

Where did you graduate from?
We don't have any special school
for television yet.

Seryozha, you're like a bear.
Well, what do you think of Sweden?
We just looked out a bus window.
We're still at the beginning of TV,
but it already represents the future.

- Have you been to a studio?
- No, I've never been there.