Over the Edge

Come on. She ain't the only
girl in the world.

One thing led to another
in front of the cop.

The cop has as much brains as a damn ant.
I asserted myself, and I said...

...as a salesman, I have good
instincts as a salesman.

I said, "Jerry, I don't think these guys
from out of town...

...care about the property.
They're not interested.

They're in Las Vegas writing it off."
You know what he says?

He says, "How are the Caddies selling?"
You think that I enjoyed
being humiliated like that?

No. Goddamn it, if he had done such
a good job on those guys from Houston...

...they wouldn't have got scared.
Two kids, three... I don't know
how many kids, scared them out of town.

I know it sounds wrong,
but I'm sure Jerry knows...

Jerry Cole doesn't know anything.
He doesn't know a damn thing.

- He's an idiot.
- Carl, where have you been?

I was just out.
Come over here. I want to talk to you.
It's okay, honey. It's okay.
Sit down.
What is it?
I had a talk with Sergeant Doberman.
I had to sit while he warned me
about keeping you in line...

...or I'd find myself in juvenile court.
- What? Doberman said what?
- I'm not finished!

I saw you at that rec yesterday
when that boy was arrested.

Oh, I know you did.
I'll bet you and Jerry Cole...

...had Doberman bust the rec
on purpose, huh?

Is that what you think?
Do you also think that I put that ounce
of hash in Claude Zachary's pocket?

- Do you? You think that too?
- It wasn't an ounce, Dad.

- How do you know so much about it?
- Did I get busted?

Oh, shit!
Fred, let's just discuss this quietly.
It's not necessarily Carl's fault
that Claude...

It's never his fault.
It's always his friends' fault, right?

His friends with the knives, the drugs.
But those friends of yours are going to
reform school, and you're not gonna follow!