Over the Edge

- The boy with the gun was Richie White.
- But Richie's not in this class.

- That's what Tip said.
- Okay, Richie had... But now, look.

Anyone? Anyone at all?
- Tip tell you any other names?
- Claude someone.

- Richie. Richie, come on.
- What do you want?

Come on!
Richie, wait! I wanna come.
Now, you go home. Be a good boy.
Take care of Mommy.

Okay? That's my man.
Richie, why aren't you in school?
I forgot my homework.
I'm going right back. Don't worry.

- Did you get it?
- Yeah, I got these too.

You're stealing your mom's car?
Yeah, she only made
three payments on it.

The goddamn bank owns it.
Okay, listen.
We make it to Sweetwater...

...stash the car, we sell the gun,
then we can move out.

Anywhere. My mother won't rat.
She won't tell the pigs.
The pigs won't find out.

- We're running away?
- No.