Two pound nine pence, please.
- [Customer mutters]
- Don't matter.

All right, darlin'?
Saturdays, I hate 'em.
I thought I'd just
drop by and say hello.

Been up to no good?
Not really.
Just paid me suit off.

- Yeah? What's it like?
- Handsome.

Three buttons, side vents.
16' bottoms.

Dark brown.
[Woman] Have I got to wait
all day while you finish?

I'm wearin' it down to Brighton.
Gonna be one of the faces there,
are you?

What d'you mean 'Going to be'?
I am one of the faces.

# I'm the hippiest
number in town

# And I tell you why
# I'm the snappiest dresser
right down to my pinstripe tie

# And I'll get you wise
# I'll explain to you
# A few of the things
that a face is supposed to do #

That Bombers?
Give us a couple.

Chalky! The Ponce,
he's about again.

Not a tight-arse, are you?
I ain't had one for days.

Why? You get banged up
in Margate or something?

Banged up in Shepherd's Bush.
My old man ain't let me out
since Margate.

Even padlocked
the scooter, right?

I went round,
he tried to do me over.

I wouldn't stand for it.
If my old man
took them sort of liberties,

I'd fuckin' do him.
You seen his dad? He's 6'2'.
How come you're so small?
- Dunno, it's... thingy...
- Genetic.

His nan's a midget.
There's a party
down Kitchener Road.

- Told you.
- That posh bird?

- Yeah. Right goer.
- 0ne with...?

Wanna go to a party?
Everybody's going.