# I'll explain to you
# A few of the things
that a face is supposed to do #

That Bombers?
Give us a couple.

Chalky! The Ponce,
he's about again.

Not a tight-arse, are you?
I ain't had one for days.

Why? You get banged up
in Margate or something?

Banged up in Shepherd's Bush.
My old man ain't let me out
since Margate.

Even padlocked
the scooter, right?

I went round,
he tried to do me over.

I wouldn't stand for it.
If my old man
took them sort of liberties,

I'd fuckin' do him.
You seen his dad? He's 6'2'.
How come you're so small?
- Dunno, it's... thingy...
- Genetic.

His nan's a midget.
There's a party
down Kitchener Road.

- Told you.
- That posh bird?

- Yeah. Right goer.
- 0ne with...?

Wanna go to a party?
Everybody's going.

- Where?
- Kitchener Road.

It only takes 20 minutes
to get there by scooter.

Where you off to, then?
I'll see you later.
Come on, Jim.
[Mutter to each other]
This is the place, lads.
Come on!

All right, John?
Yeah, straight in, no problem.
Come on!

No gate-crashers.
Gate-crashers? Lads, he's
callin' us gatecrashers.

You didn't even
bring any bottles!

Who the fuck are you?
Bleedin' Prince Philip?

I'm the boyfriend
of the hostess.

[All shout mockingly]
Listen, it's Sandra's party,
and me and me mates are invited.