And the paper.
Thank you.
Take that to Mr Phelps.
That's for Phelpsy, eh?
- 'Ere.
- You're late.

The letters...
Saw the rounds yesterday,

For people like you, Phil, eh?
I'd like you to look at them.
Sure, what's the problem?
Well, the overall
campaign's going well.

Seen the posters?
Yes. Gorgeous tart.
The trouble is, the clients
are getting over-greedy.

As usual.
They want to corner
the entire youth market.

Cut right across the groupings
It's all right
with A's and B's...

[Jim coughing]
...young managers, graduates,
that type of person.

It's C's and D's
I'm worried about.

It's a bit up-market for them.
I'll look at it for you,
Simon. With pleasure.

- 2:30 all right?
- Fine.

You don't think this lung cancer
talk will make a difference?

No, young people...
[Jim coughing]
They're not worried.
Glad I gave it up.
[TV] Pychopathic,
that's what it was

[TV] Pychopathic,
that's what it was

- I thought something's wrong...
- Shut up and listen to me.

[TV] Your next assignment
is to get Sir Thomas Weller.