Seen the posters?
Yes. Gorgeous tart.
The trouble is, the clients
are getting over-greedy.

As usual.
They want to corner
the entire youth market.

Cut right across the groupings
It's all right
with A's and B's...

[Jim coughing]
...young managers, graduates,
that type of person.

It's C's and D's
I'm worried about.

It's a bit up-market for them.
I'll look at it for you,
Simon. With pleasure.

- 2:30 all right?
- Fine.

You don't think this lung cancer
talk will make a difference?

No, young people...
[Jim coughing]
They're not worried.
Glad I gave it up.
[TV] Pychopathic,
that's what it was

[TV] Pychopathic,
that's what it was

- I thought something's wrong...
- Shut up and listen to me.

[TV] Your next assignment
is to get Sir Thomas Weller.

[TV] You bonkers?
He's the guv...

[TV] What, no lolly?
Where you been?
Fell asleep on the train.
I wound up in bloody Neasden.

Ridin' about on them motorbikes
all night, I'm not surprised.

It's not normal.
[TV] A nice quiet piece of
scenery and kick him to a pulp.

0h, yeah? What's normal, then?
What's that?
[Engine outside]