[Whispers] Police!
Lads, look at these! Johnnies!
Fuckin' hundreds of 'em!

Chuck us some packets!
You got something
planned tonight?

'Course I have.
0h! Yellows.
Chalky, what you doin'?
Give us a hand, eh?

Not takin' no chances, am I?
[Dave and Chalky laugh]
[Jim] Come on! Shut up!
Get down to it, eh?
A-ha! Found 'em! They're blues!
I found some blues.
There's not many.
Perhaps someone's
been nickin' 'em.

[Telephone rings]
[Jim] Fuckin' hell!

[Chalky] Hang on.
Chalky, come on!
I'm just gettin'
somethin' for me mum.

I'm droppin' all the blues!
Just get out!
- [Man] Right...
- 0ne and tuppence?

0K, you behave
yourself tonight, 0K?

I'll try. I'll try
and behave myself tonight.

Yeah, I'm flyin'!
Terrific, ain't they?

Did we have it off or what?
- Hi.
- We done your chemist's.

- You didn't?
- Yeah.

I was gonna phone.
Why didn't you?
I know where everything is.

Here y'are. Got you a Pepsi.
- And a present.
- What is it?

You nicked 'em, didn't you?
You're handling stolen goods.
I'll give you some more.