I found some blues.
There's not many.
Perhaps someone's
been nickin' 'em.

[Telephone rings]
[Jim] Fuckin' hell!

[Chalky] Hang on.
Chalky, come on!
I'm just gettin'
somethin' for me mum.

I'm droppin' all the blues!
Just get out!
- [Man] Right...
- 0ne and tuppence?

0K, you behave
yourself tonight, 0K?

I'll try. I'll try
and behave myself tonight.

Yeah, I'm flyin'!
Terrific, ain't they?

Did we have it off or what?
- Hi.
- We done your chemist's.

- You didn't?
- Yeah.

I was gonna phone.
Why didn't you?
I know where everything is.

Here y'are. Got you a Pepsi.
- And a present.
- What is it?

You nicked 'em, didn't you?
You're handling stolen goods.
I'll give you some more.

Listen, d'you fancy
takin' me home later?

What about Pete, then?
I'll worry about Pete.
But if you tell him, I'll never
ever speak to you again, right?

Don't worry. I won't tell him.
And I'm still gonna down
to Brighton with him.

I've said I would, haven't I?
Yeah, I s'pose so.
# Girl, you really got me now

# Girl, you really got me now

# You got me so
I can't sleep at night

# You really got me. Whoo!