Listen, d'you fancy
takin' me home later?

What about Pete, then?
I'll worry about Pete.
But if you tell him, I'll never
ever speak to you again, right?

Don't worry. I won't tell him.
And I'm still gonna down
to Brighton with him.

I've said I would, haven't I?
Yeah, I s'pose so.
# Girl, you really got me now

# Girl, you really got me now

# You got me so
I can't sleep at night

# You really got me. Whoo!
# Really got me. Whoo!
# Really got me. Whoo!
# Please...
Ah, cheers.
How much you get?
Mr Fulford mentioned your
unexplained absence yesterday.

Like what?
Like, don't do it again.
Unless you want to hear him
read the riot act?

I take it you don't.
I'd rather be dead, Mr Cale.
All right. 0ff you go.
You too, Alec.
Have a nice weekend!
The only way you'll keep
that up is with lacquer.

- No, no lacquer.
- Just a little?

No, poofs wear lacquer.
I wear lacquer.

That's what I mean, innit?
- There y'are.
- Cheers.