That's all right.
My bird'll pull that back.
Long as that's all she pulls.
All right.
The usual miracle?
Careful, I've got a rash.
You know how the hair falls?
Goes down the back.

- All right.
- Know what I mean?

- See you, Dan.
- Yeah.

Brighton tomorrow!
Yeah, see you there.
Mum? Mum?
Where've you put
them old newspapers?

You're not gonna make
my carpets wet again?

Nah, I've wrung 'em out
this time.

They're under the sink.
Gordon Bennett!
What have you got on?

Is this some kind of new fashion
thing I haven't heard about?

Sopping wet trousers?
They're Levis.
Never mind what they are,
they're bleedin' wet!

You gotta shrink 'em on you,
so they fit right.

He's definitely gettin' worse.

[The Who on TV]
# I can go anyway
# (Way I choose)
# I can live anyhow
# (Win or lose)
# I can go anywhere... #
What's this rubbish, then?
Ready, Steady, Go!
Ready what?
Ready, Steady, Go!
Ready, steady, go?
Bunch of louts.
[Dad laughs]
Bloody moron.
I suppose they wear
wet jeans and all?

l... Is that how you're supposed
to play a guitar now, then?

0h, gawd help us.
Here, have you seen this?
[Mum] I haven't got time
for that rubbish.

[Dad] I can sing better
than that little ape.

You call that singing?
Sounds like a drowned dog!