# I can go anyway
# (Way I choose)
# I can live anyhow
# (Win or lose)
# I can go anywhere... #
What's this rubbish, then?
Ready, Steady, Go!
Ready what?
Ready, Steady, Go!
Ready, steady, go?
Bunch of louts.
[Dad laughs]
Bloody moron.
I suppose they wear
wet jeans and all?

l... Is that how you're supposed
to play a guitar now, then?

0h, gawd help us.
Here, have you seen this?
[Mum] I haven't got time
for that rubbish.

[Dad] I can sing better
than that little ape.

You call that singing?
Sounds like a drowned dog!
That'll make you deaf, you know.
[Radio] Gerry & the Pacemakers.
The Animals are next.

This is Big L, 266.
[Electronic voice]
Wondefrul Radio London. Whoopee!

Good morning, it's 6.01. Here
are the main points in the news.

After yesterday's conference
session the Colonial Secretary

commented that he hoped for
independence in Aden in a year.

The Bank Holiday started
in earnest last night,

with motorists taking advantage
of the fine weather,

heading towards
the South Coast resorts.

Traffic was reported heavy on
the A127, the Southend road,

and there were jams southbound
on the M1, causing long delays.

Shopkeepers in the Brighton
area, fearing a reoccurrence

of disturbances by groups of
rival youths in other resorts,

were putting up
shutters last night.