So beautiful here.
Not a single soul here.

What about us?
Three men can't spoil the place
in one day.

Why? They can.
It's strange that flowers don't
smell. Or have l...

Do you feel anything?
I feel the stench of the bog.
No, that's the river. There's a river

There was a flower-bed nearby,
but Porcupine had trampled it down.

The smell lingered
for many years though.

Why did he do it?
I don't know.
I asked him why, too.
And he said:
"You'll understand later."

I think he just came to hate the Zone.
Porcupine, that's his name?
A nickname, like yours.
He had been taking people to the Zone
for years, and no one could stop him.

He was my teacher.
He opened my eyes.

He was called Teacher then,
not Porcupine.

Then something happened to him,
something broke in him.

Though I think
he was punished.

Will you help me? Tie those strips
of bandage to the nuts.

And l... will go for a walk.
I need to do something...