Porcupine, that's his name?
A nickname, like yours.
He had been taking people to the Zone
for years, and no one could stop him.

He was my teacher.
He opened my eyes.

He was called Teacher then,
not Porcupine.

Then something happened to him,
something broke in him.

Though I think
he was punished.

Will you help me? Tie those strips
of bandage to the nuts.

And l... will go for a walk.
I need to do something...
Don't go anywhere.
Where's he going?
He wants to be alone, I guess.
Why? Even with the three of us
together, I feel weird.

A date with the Zone.
He's a stalker.

And what does that mean?
You see, being a stalker
is some sort of calling.

- I thought he'd be different.
- Like what?

Well, you know, the Leather Stockings,
Chingachgook sort of things...

His background is even more frightful.
Several times in prison,
then he was harmed here.

He has a mutant daughter,
"a victim of the Zone" as they call it.

They say she's got no legs.