Zhong hua zhang fu

Kung Zi, stop it.
There's more.
Ah To, you love to practise kung fu.
Why do you stop Kung Zi?
You don't know, she...
Will she fight with you?
She practices Japanese martial arts
and nothing else.

There's no place at home for her
to practise.

There is .
Doesn't your home have a
kung fu training hall?

Kung Zi has a strong character.
l'm afraid she doesn't like
the Chinese style hall.

Master, big problem.
Madam has put her Japanese weapons
...in your training hall.
Good, let her practise there then.
No, she has moved all your Chinese weapons
...out of the hall.
Quickly, move them out.
What are you doing?
lt's not our fault, it's ordered by madam.
Move them all back.
Move them out...
Also, move those out as well.
Ah To.
Kung Zi, what do you mean by this?
So there lS a proper training hall here.
Had you told me...
l needn't have practised in
the backyard...

and demolished the wall.
Why have you moved these weapons?
A good training hall needs real weapons
Kung Zi, but these are weapons.
l know nothing of these things
and they are like trash to me.
This is a sword, the king of weapons.
lts history goes back
several thousand years.